Innovative approaches in large-scale research infrastructures

See talks from the Innovative approaches in large-scale research infrastructures biobank symposium in Copenhagen, November 17th-18th 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has made the strengths of biobanks and research partnership even more prominent. The availability of stored positive samples combined with other biological samples and clinical data from the same individuals will enable unprecedented host-pathogen genetics studies. The large number of samples collected from covid-19 serology studies can potentially be used in conjunction with epidemiological data and general health data to elucidate factors relevant for studying covid-19 immunity.

These factors combined makes biobanks and large datasets attractive to both academia and industry. In the recent years several drugs have been developed based on genetic discoveries from biobank material. This availability of large-scale datasets from biological material is very attractive for the pharmaceutical industry and has led to increased funding from industry partners for large scale genetic projects. All in all there is an increasing focus on public-private partnerships.

With this biobank symposium, we will bring together world leading biobanks and researchers and discuss how we can use innovative approaches and expanded cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry to improve health care.

The symposium is kindly sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Below you can find a selection of recorded presentations from the symposium.


Learnings from the Spanish nationwide seroepidemiological study of SARS-CoV-2 in Spain

Marina Pollán
National Center for Epidemiology, Health Institute Carlos III


Single-cell techniques to unravel brain cell populations underlying obesity

Tune H. Pers
Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research,
University of Copenhagen


Advanced pathway analysis to unravel new disease understanding - Disease and prescription trajectories in the Danish population

Søren Brunak
Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research,
University of Copenhagen


Finland offers unique opportunities for biomedical research

Tom Southerington
Finnish Biobank Cooperative - FINBB


Danish Biobank Register - National initiative for better activation and visibility of pre-existing biological specimens (and data)

Bartlomiej Wilkowski
Danish National Biobank


Innovation through public private partnerships

Frederik Knud Nielsen


Trial Nation - A part of the Danish clinical research ecosystem

Marianne Pilgaard
Trial Nation


Biobanking for better healthcare and research - From discovery to feasibility studies

Lila Kallio
Auria Biobank


European networks fostering cross-country collaboration

Jens K. Habermann


New Spanish platform for biobanks and biomodels

Eva Ortega-Paíno
CNIO - Spanish National Cancer Research Center


New Danish life science strategy

Jakob Bjerg Larsen
The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Short talks from young researchers


Towards population-scale transcriptomics - RNA-seq using decade-old blood spot samples

Victor Yakimov
Statens Serum Institut


Public and private partnerships: Are they the solution for biobanking sustainability?

Francisco de Luna
CNIO - Spanish National Cancer Research Center

Danish National Biobank


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