Biological samples

The Danish National Biobank stores millions of biological samples that can be used for research projects

Many samples are from specific research projects or national screenings. This means that data about the donors and screening results are often available. Further via the Danish Biobank Register, information such as donor age, gender, diagnosis, operation procedures etc. can be linked to the samples.

Overview of biological samples and diagnoses in the Danish National Biobank

Biological samples in the Danish National Biobank

Sample type  Samples Individuals
Serum  3,317,536 951,521
Dried blood spot samples 2,565,821 2,091,587
Plasma  1,488,350 442,752
Whole blood 830,524 320,872
678,237 451,455
Buffy coat  346,033 126,527
 320,456 126,054
Saliva   90,407  42,554
Red blood cells   85,349  41,738
Amniotic fluid  66,407 56,505
Cord blood mononuclear cells
 65,032 65,032
Proteins extracted from DBSS 39,168 38,979
Spinal fluid
 28,596  16,498
Other (PBMS, feces, stem cells, biopsies, etc.)
83,430 49,040

Price list for Danish National Biobank services

Service type Number of samples Price (DKK ex VAT)
Sample retrieval from manual storage Under 500

500 or more

Sample retrieval from automated storage   10,-
Box retrieval from manual storage   50,-
Automated sample aliquotation Under 500

500 or more

Other services (per hour) Laboratory


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