About the Danish National Biobank

The main purpose of the Danish National Biobank is to give scientists from Denmark and abroad overview of and access to about 24.5 million biological samples in both existing and future collections

The epidemiologist's dream: Denmark

Over the years the Danish society has invested in building a range of national registers containing information about all residents in Denmark. Similarly the Danish health system has routinely collected biological material from a large number of individuals. Scientists have the possibility to link information about biological samples in Danish biobanks with the large amount of information contained in the Danish administrative registers.

The Danish National Biobank is still expanding and will become one of the world’s largest biobanks nd a unique resource that will take Danish biomedical research another step forward.

The Danish National Biobank initiative has 3 pillars:

  • The Danish Biobank Register with detailed information about the samples available in the Danish health system and in the large, participating research biobanks.
  • The physical National Biobank that stores and retrieves samples for Danish scientists.
  • The Coordinating Centre where a strong research environment offers know-how to  scientists and external biobanks.

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