The Danish Biobank Register

The Danish Biobank Register provides researchers with an overview of biological material in biobanks participating in the initiative

In this national collaboration, large biobanks based at hospitals, universities and other research institutions in Denmark regularly submit data to the Danish Biobank Register. Data from the biobanks can be linked to disease codes and demographic information from national administrative registers on an individual level.

Illustration of Danish Biobank Register October 2023

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Aggregated results about the available biological material is displayed to researchers around the world through a web-based search system, to date containing information 27.4 million biological samples from 5.9 million Danes.

The following biobanks are available through the Danish Biobank Register

The available information can be linked to the following

  • The Danish Civil Registration System | Contains individual information such as gender, date & place of birth, citizenship, identity of parents, place of residence
  • The Danish National Patient Register | Contains information on all hospital contacts, department, date & time of admission and release, treatment, and operation
  • The Danish Pathology Register | Contains information on all pathological examinations carried out in Denmark, investigating pathology department or practicing pathologist, type of investigation, gross description, microscopy description, conclusion and/or diagnoses, and coded diagnoses based on the Danish SNOMED
  • CopLab - The Copenhagen Primary Care Laboratory Database | Contains all results (n=176 million) of a broad range of blood, urine, semen, clinical physiological, cardiac, and lung function tests from 1.3 million individuals carried out between 2000 and 2015 in the Copenhagen area with its approx. 1.2 million inhabitants.

Search for biological samples in the Danish Biobank Register

Gain an overview of biological samples available for health research in Denmark within minutes. The Danish Biobank Register gives researchers online access to combined data from all the biobanks participating in the Danish National Biobank initiative.


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Search for biological samples in the Danish Biobank Register

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