Biobanks in the register

The Danish Biobank Register brings together detailed information on biological samples available in the Danish health system.

Anonymous data sets are made available to researchers around the world through a web-based search system. So far, information from the following biobanks are available through the Danish Biobank Registry:

  • The Danish Patobank (> 17 million tissue samples from national hospitals)
  • The Danish Cancer Society’s project biobank “Kost, kræft og helbred” (samples from 57,000 cohort participants)
  • The new DNB biobank at Rigshospitalet (50,000 samples collected annually)  
  • Samples from the Danish National Birth Cohort (300,000 samples)
  • Blood spots from all newborn Danes since 1976 (> 2 million samples)
  • Diagnostic samples received daily at SSI (> 4 million samples)